Before I can even start a training to become a ULM pilot, I must first inform myself of what's involved.

I know a thing or two, but will need to know more.

The local club at EBZH (Aero Kiwiet) has an information session coming up Friday. They start theoretical lessons later in october.

At the moment, the chances of me already starting then are slim, but I'll need to evaluate when I get all the info.

My main problem will mostly be about finding time for this hobby, besides work and family. Of all three, family always comes first. Then work, then hobby.

I already know the lessons are twice a week from 20:00 - 22:30. This means losing two evenings at home every week. Which is already a stretch of my available free time.

I also know following the theoretical course doesn't require club membership, but practical courses do.

Additionally, the estimated cost to get the training and a license is about €3500, spread over 2 - 3 years. I've learned that one flight hour would cost about €100.

The following are questions I would like to see answered after that information session:

  • Is the course material purely referential or does it contain instructions?
    • This is important if I want to study parts of it on my own if I can't make it to class.
  • How do the flying lessons work in practice
    • How can you arrange time with the instructor
    • Do you have to plan all the lessons up front?
  • What's involved in a club membership?
    • Price per year
    • Expected amount of time spent at club?
  • If you have a ULM license, how many flight hours are required per year to maintain it?
  • Can you do practical lessons with an instructor without following the theoretical courses at the same time: so only do them after some practical experience

In the next post, I can hopefully give some answers to these questions and evaluate if I follow through or wait.