Because of the current Corona measures, we can go and take flight lessons again, but we must use our personal equipment. That includes a headset.

I've been putting off buying one, to be honest. But now I had no choice.

I didn't take any risks and bought a David Clark H10-30. Which, according to David Clark, offers: Outstanding Value in a Proven Design

Since you pretty much see everyone using David Clark, I assumed it was a safe bet.

An image of the David Clark H10-30 headset

It set me back € 329,00. Including a carry bag and shipping. I bought it at "". Mind you, it hasn't actually arrived yet ...

So I'm waiting for my headset before I can go fly again!

More Corona Measures

There are more corona measures on the airfield, including:

  • Airfield is closed to the public
  • The bar is closed
  • Pilot room only accesible for airfield commander
  • All hangar doors remain open
  • Mandatory personal equipment
  • Mandatory gloves, mask, always disinfect the cockpit
  • Local flights
  • And some more

All reasonable, of course.