Finally got back in the air!

I didn't get to fly solo, since it was almost 6 months ago since I flew and the weather was a little tricky. Tricky but beautiful.

After take-off, we saw several rain showers scattered, and besides them huge views.

The flight itself was mostly circuits. And one practice forced landing, which was long ago so I was quite rusty there.

Most of the stuff was still OK, but I was doing mistakes from the beginning again: moving the stick too much, topping off too aggresively during landing, ...


The weather was a little bumby. There were some cumulus clouds, indicating unstable air. In fact, they predicted some thunderstorms that day. We caught a little rain.

There was some cross-wind during landing, which makes it a little more tricky.

This is why I didn't get to fly solo.


Here's some video's my wife shot as she and the kids came to look.

GPS Track

Running Costs

0:57 flying time: € 96,90

1 hour instructor time: € 36