December 30, 2019 was my last flying lesson.

After that, my instructor had a month delay while renewing his license.

Then we had about a whole month of rain so the field was soaked.

And now we are in the middle of a global pandemic which, not to be overly dramatic, is disrupting everything.

I don't know if I'll every fly again but that of very low priority. One day at time.

I remember, when I started my flying lessons, I was doubtful: I could use the money for other things. I could be home doing useful things, I should first save some money, etc etc ...

My instructor convinced me: you COULD wait. But next year you could lose your job, you could have money issues, you could get sick, etc etc ...

This was true, and I am happy I've taken the opportunity while it was there. It may never come back!

I did not get a license - yet, but I reached my achieved goal: to fly solo.

My point being:

"Pick up phones when they ring at you, shake a hand while it's there"
(Daan - Simple)