We flew circuits for another hour. Nothing special ... were it not for the fact that 54 minutes of the hour I flew solo.

I was nervous because I knew I was going to fly alone for most of the circuits. But once I was going I was calm and felt mostly in control.

It went quite well. A few things to improve though.

My wife and kids came to watch, which made it extra fun.


Some things I need to watch for:

  • I usually came in a little high, so I have to make sure to use "full flaps" earlier
    • After doing that, I also had to give a lot less throttle on the way down
  • At take-off - in the Tecnam P92 Echo - I should pull the nose up some more
    • This will get me in the air faster

Some things that were good:

  • I was quite happy with my landings, I did do one that was a little bouncy
  • I used the right foot a lot better on take-off
    • On my first solo I almost went diagonally over the runway!

A thing I learned:

  • Flying solo, the light-weight ULM with light-weight me inside goes up fast.

Also, in the video above, check out the beautiful "CB" cloud in the north!

Most landings were OK except for one where I didn't "round of" long enough so I came down a little fast and bumped up.

My wife made some video's, on which I conclude I can bring the nose up higher before touching down (I'm sure my instructor has told me that 20 times already!)

Here's a landing I am quite happy with:

Thanks to my lovely wife for the great video's!

Next flight

For the next flight, I have some homework as I have to prepare a navigation flight:

EBZH (Hasselt Zonhoven) -> Geel -> Turnhout -> EBKH (Keiheuvel) -> EBZH


Taking into account airspace, speed, time, fuel usage, permissions to land at EBKH, ...

I've never done anything like it, so I'll have some work to do.

Flight Track

I didn't forget the flight tracker this time! Here's the track:

Running costs

1 hour flying time: € 96.00
1 hour instructor time: € 36.00