Flew my first solo flight in OO-G83 today!

Today, after flying a number of circuits, my instructor let me do a full-stop landing.

I wasn't sure why, we weren't flying for an hour yet.

He then said "park it there and then you can do one by yourself".

But I didn't understand it the first time, say what? By myself?

Following that, I flew a circuit by myself! Alone.

I used way too little right foot in the take-off, and my landing was a bit far down the field.

But in general, the landing was good and I'm still alive so that's good too.

I forgot to enable the GPS tracker (d'oh!), so I don't have a track plot.

But, almost needless to say, it was pretty amazing. Although I was quite focussed so it took a while to sink in.

Running costs

48 minutes flying time: € 76,80
1 hour instructor time: € 36