Date: 16 oct 2021, 16:00 (UTC)

Route: EBZH


  • METAR EBBL 161555Z AUTO VRB02KT 1400 NCD 11/04 Q1021 AMB=

Type: Touch and go

Flight time: 00:19


Had a longer flight planned last Sunday, but there was an issue with the pitot (which enables the airspeed indicator).

It was pretty busy so I only managed to find a one-hour slot this week. Sadly, a quarter of that was after sunset. Luckily, the previous pilot was back early enough and the sky even cleared.

It was a short flight, did a few circuits. To my dismay I smelt some burning after take-off.

The smell went away as I lowered the RPM. It came back the next take-off. At first I was worried, so I actually stopped a little earlier than I planned. I checked with an instructor on-site, he concluded it was probably the heater that was on, or somebody in the neighbourhood making a fire.

I had the heater on before, and never noticed it. So at first I concluded the smell was from the air around the airfield. However, in my next flight I concluded it was indeed the heater giving that smell - and nothing to worry about.

Apart from that, I did feel my routines were already a bit rusty. So I'm glad I got to do at least do some flying, even if it was a very short flight. My full stop landing was a bit clumsy because I let the throttle increase a little.

It does that by itself if I don't hold it, but I have to let it go to break. So I was breaking but the throttle was increasing. Not really an issue, just a little clumsy.

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Running Costs

00:19 minutes of flying time: € 32,30