Date: 24 oct 2021, 09:00 (UTC)

Route: EBZH


  • METAR EBBL 240855Z AUTO VRB02KT 9999 NCD 08/05 Q1024 BLU=

Type: Local

Flight time: 00:48


Once again, had a longer flight planned. However, due to some waiting for opening of the field and for fuel, I ended up quite late. I only reserved the airplane for 2 hours, and didn't want to return late for the next pilot. I also didn't want to rush anything.

So instead of my planned route to passed Balen Keiheuvel and around Mol, I stuck to a local flight around Hasselt, and did one touch and go, for practice.

The weather was very nice, on the ground almost no wind, in the air there was some Southern wind (18 kts). It was morning, so the sun was still low which impact visibility to the East.

It was promising to be a busy day at the airfield, but it was still pretty quiet. Some aircraft arrived early and one was doing circuit training. The gliders were still setting up their winching tractor.

So I departed after one other aircraft landed, and left the circuit to the West.

Coming back to the field, I know that because of the winching activities they are not so keen on overflying the field, so I assured runway 27 was still in use and joined at the beginning of downwind, as there was nobody else in the circuit or departing.

One touch and go, and then a full stop was the plan. There was some bumps in the air, but nothing crazy, and at the surface it was still calm.

I'm going to try and plan a flight with an instructor, just to refresh and eliminate any wrong habbits I may have been picking up flying alone and to practice forced landings.

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Running Costs

00:43 minutes of flying time: € 73,10