Date: 5 nov 2021, 10:00 (UTC)

Route: EBZH


  • METAR EBLG 051020Z 26008KT 9999 FEW008 SCT023 09/07 Q1024 NOSIG=

Type: Local

Flight time: 00:35


Short local flight, I had planned a slightly longer flight around Mol, but due to some administrative stuff, and fueling, I got up a little too late and had to be back in time.

But it was important to fly, as I knew winter was coming: short days, bad weather and I did not have a lot of holidays left. I feared I would not get to fly much, and as I'm writing this already at the end of the year, I was right about that.

I left for a short leg just passed Lummen, then flew around Hasselt and came back.

It was quite a nice flight, there were some small clouds around. I always get a kick of clouds. I've always enjoyed looking up to them, and to fly around them is really something special.

That's really most I can say about the flight, everything else was pretty uneventful (which is good).

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Running Costs

00:35 minutes of flying time: € 59,50