Note: The below only applies to Belgium at the time of writing.

So here is the "procedure" to request a ULM Training License at the DGLV (Directoraat-Generaal Luchtvaart) required:

Required Documents

  • Accompanioning letter
  • Front and back scan of your Belgian ID card
  • Extract of criminal record (strafregister) type 595
  • Scan of Medical Class 4 examination (or class 2 with statement of the docter)
  • 1 ID picture (as on the ID card)

You must also know your training center ID, in my case Aero Kiewit (ATO-322).


To request the license, the "procedure" is to either send these documents via mail to "DGLV".

We've heard some people were able to do this via e-mail, but others received a reply they have to use physical mail.

The address is:

FOD Mobiliteit en Vervoer
Directoraat-generaal Luchtvaart
Dienst Vergunningen
Vooruitgangstraat 56

Immediatly also ask for the Flightbook.

After receiving and approving, they will send payment details. After paying, they send you everything and you are good to go.


I still need to do it, but will update as soon as everything is OK.

Some background

In Belgium, there is a governing body that is in charge of everything related to air traffic, called the "Directoraat Generaal Luchtvaart" or "DGLV" in short.

It's they who decide the national regulations for ULM (Ultra Light) flight, which falls outside of the european EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) regulations that apply to PPL (Private Pilot) flight.

In the past, both PPL pilots and ULM pilots in Belgium required what was called a "pilot training license" (oefenvergunning). You have to provide some documents, pay some money and in return you receive a license that allows you to actually follow flight lessons.

For PPL, this is no longer necessary.

For ULM, you still need a training license though. But the DGLV doesn't have information about this on their website. They only have a form to request a Flightbook (in which you log your flights).

BUT according to the flight club, the license is still required for ULM pilots.