Flight Facts

Date: 26 apr 2021, 16:00 (UTC)

Route: EBZH


  • METAR EBBL 261625Z 06009KT 9999 SCT250 14/M03 Q1015 BLU BLU=

Type: Touch and go

Flight time: 00:39


My original plan was two circuits, then a short flight over my house, then come back for landing. But I got airborne a little later than I anticipated, so I decided to only do some circuits after all.

The wind was variable from North to East, between 7 and 12 kts.

As I arrived, the CO mentioned it was a little turbulent. But after some evaluation with other pilots I decide it would be OK, albeit good practice.

So that already delayed me a bit.

I then noticed something during my external check that I hadn't noticed before, something that seemed more loose than usual. So I called my instructor to double check but it was not an issue.

Then I noticed the right tank was a little empty, so I wanted to fill it a little bit first. Since I'm short and the gas pump is manual this is a little complicated:

  • Pull the aircraft to the fuel station
  • Attached the Ground to the exhaust pipe (avoid sparks)
  • Unlock the fuel pump
  • Pull it out far enough to reach the tanks
  • Notice the cart with the fuel wasn't attached so I was pulling it out instead
  • Take the much-to-big stairs because I'm just a little too short to reach the tank on top of the wing
  • Somehow put the gas pump in the hole and make sure it can stay there by itself
  • Walk back to the pump and manually pump (1 pump = 1 liter)
  • Notice the pump is empty and it was all for nothing

I had enough fuel though: 50% in the left tank and about 33% in the right, giving me at least 1,5 hour flight time. So I could leave, but lost 10 - 15 minutes messing with the pump.

I usually ask for help but I was pretty much alone there ... It wasn't a day with a lot of GA traffic.

After departure, I noticed the wind was mostly cross-wind from the North and that it was indeed a little bumpy. But only now and then. The other pilot told me it was mostly the thermals.

I expected the thermals to die out a bit as the sun was going down. But there were still a few moments where I suddenly went up or down more then needed.

One time I had a bump that actually got me out of my seat, which was a first.

The landings themselves were mostly really good. Some things happened:

  • Once I bounced up a little bit, as I think some wind got under me, but kept calm and touched it down again smoothly
  • One time, on my go-around I kind of had the nose down a little too much, which was a little scary mistake, but corrected quickly
  • One time I was too high, did a slipping manouvre and came in correctly

I wasn't long and my roll-outs were shorter this time, which I was happy with, but I bet the head-wind helped.

Looking back, I should've just flown over my house, I could see the Schulens-lake from the circuit so I could have just went over there ...

Next Flight

If weather permits, I hope to finally not do some circuit training next time and do a short flight EBZH - Schulen - EBZH. And some other navigations as well.

I also hope to try out Skydemon in-flight. Which I also planned to do today, but I decided that would delay me further.

The reason I'm doing a lot of circuit is to build routine, but also to be confident I can land the damn thing. It's something you have to do frequently.

Also I'm aiming to fly more frequently rather than longer. If I would do 1 or 2 hour flights each time, my budget would force me to do less flights, which would be bad for my proficiency.

GPS Track

I forgot to enable the GPS tracker.

Running Costs

00:39 minutes of flying time: € 66,30