A cold december morning, 30 december 2020, took OO-G83 for a spin, but came back quickly due to clouds.

Flight Facts

Date: 30 dec 2020, 09:00 (UTC)

Route: EBZH


  • METAR EBBL 300925Z AUTO 23009KT 9000 FEW010/// BKN053///            03/02 Q1001 BLU=

Type: Circuit

Flight time: 00:24


I can be short about this flight. First the sky looked quite good for some circuits, with some broken clouds higher up.

When I arrived at the fields, some puffs of cloud were floating by lower. They then moved to the East and it was looking better after that.

So I did my thing, and after about 10 minutes of engine warm up, I was able to depart.

During take-off, the cloud deck was coming closer faster than I expected, and at 1000 ft I didn't feel comfortable to go even up to circuit altitude.

The South Westerly wind at 1000 ft was quite strong, compared to on the ground, so I quickly found mysef in the down-wind.

During the down-wind, I thought about stuff, and decided to call it a day already. So I announced I'll come back for a full stop.

I did a good landing, parked the Tecnam, and put it back inside. Shortest flight ever, but I'm happy I didn't stick around in a situation I felt uncomfortable with.

At least I did a circuit and a good landing!

The good news is, I took a picture this time! The bad news, I didn't log my GPS track.

Running Costs

00:24 minutes of flying time: € 40,80