Instead of doing more solo circuits, we flew to EBAV for some touch-and-go's.

Flight Facts

Date: 09 sep 2020, 16:00 (UTC)



  • METAR EBBE 091825Z AUTO 34008KT 9999 BKN034/// BKN039///            19/16 Q1022 BLU=

Type: Touch-and-go

Flight time: 01:09

GPS Track

Running Costs

01:09 flying time: € 117,30

01:09 hour instructor time: € 40

Flight Description

Originally, we planned to do some solo circuits. But instead we chose to go to EBAV for some circuits.

EBAV has quite a small runway, with a slight slope. You require an approval from an instructor before you can land there.

The circuit takes three minutes, is at 900 ft (700 ft AGL) and it's quite different from what I'm used to in EBZH.

It's the field where I'll be doing my exam.

The circuit requires assertive movements, and no hesitations. Something I can struggle with.

You really have to be "on the money" in the approach, a little short and your wheels hit a road in front of the treshold, a little too far and you will not stop in time.

I had to do one go-around. It's a little hard to assess if your too high. It's probably easier to be a little low and increase the throttle a little.

Anyway, before we got to EBAV we had to navigate around some rain showers covering Hasselt and Sint-Truiden. Once passed, EBAV is easy to spot, along the E40 highway, surrounded by Windmills and nearby is a large antenna.

On the return flight, we did some more practice forced landings and we practiced a bit on slipping: Stick left, rudder full right and slide sideways. This is a way (apart from full flaps) to lose height quickly without increasing the airspeed.

It's a little tricky to do, because it's an extreme movement especially with the rudders. But once in it, it's not really an issue and very effective. My instructor noticed my hesitation so we practiced a bit by coming in high on final.

Next Flight

Our next flight is friday, we'll practice the navigation I will do for my exam: EBAV - EBTX - Tongeren - EBAV