More solo-circuiting. An entire hour.

My approaches were generally good, although I have to make sure I keep my final turn at 90°. I seemed to already slightly turn into final when in the base leg.

On take-off, I still don't correct enough for the wind. I really need to get the hang of that.

Go Around

Additionally, when I put the engine back to idle - after the run-up - it stalled and shut-down again (too cold still). I started it up again. But it kind of made me nervous and on my first approach I didn't want to pull it to full idle, which made me come in a bit too high.

We're on a pretty long field, so I probably could've still made the touch-and-go but my instructor over the radio advised me to go-around. So I announced: "Gold Eight Three go around".

Full throttle, flaps to Take-Off and back around.

GPS Track

Running Costs

0:58 flying time: € 92.80

1 hour instructor time: € 36.00

Total: € 128.80